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A public speaking club, and a caring community

About Covent Garden Speakers

Covent Garden Speakers is London’s most inspiring weekly morning Toastmasters club that offers you the opportunity to develop speaking skills, kick out the fear of speaking in public, and become a competent communicator and charismatic leader.

Based in the heart of London, we are a close community of members who provide each other with great support to build a vibrant and safe environment to improve their speaking skills. At every meeting, we present, we receive evaluations, we network and we hone our leadership skills. You will learn to deliver persuasive, humorous, technical and impromptu speeches.

Why not come along to our next meeting and become the communicator and leader you have always wanted to be!

Our Mission

To provide a powerful, engaging and highly educational environment for people to learn, develop and grow in confidence.

Format of a Meeting

Each meeting is a mixture of prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, educational workshops, and evaluations. The main objective of any Toastmasters meeting is to give every club member an opportunity to practice his or her speaking skills each week in front of a group. To accomplish this, each member is scheduled to perform various duties, from the Timekeeper who keeps us all on track, to the Linguist who makes notes on the language used throughout. Everyone has a role to play and an opportunity to develop thier confidence and skills in each meeting.